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Forewarn ability

Reveals the opponents' strongest move upon entering battle.

Effect: When this Pokémon enters battle, it reveals the move with the highest base power known by any opposing Pokémon to all participating trainers. In the event of a tie, one is chosen at random. Moves without a listed base power are assigned one as follows: Power | Moves ----: | ----- 160 | One-hit KO moves: fissure, guillotine, horn-drill, and sheer-cold 120 | Counter moves: counter, metal-burst, and mirror-coat 80 | Variable power or set damage: crush-grip, dragon-rage, electro-ball, endeavor, final-gambit, flail, frustration, grass-knot, gyro-ball, heat-crash, heavy-slam, hidden-power, low-kick, natural-gift, night-shade, psywave, return, reversal, seismic-toss, sonic-boom, trump-card, and wring-out 0 | Any such move not listed

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