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Feature by latiasfinder

Suicune may be one of Johto's better Pokemon. Despite its single type, Water, given the right moves, it can pack a tough punch. In the Pokedex for most of the games, Suicune is described as moving with the north wind and it also has the power to purify even the most polluted of water. Suicune is part of the Legendary Trio of Johto alongside its brethren Raikou and Entei. Each Pokemon, in the old games, ran away from your trainer in G/S/C, making them hard to track but well worth it. You can also snag a Shadow Suicune in Pokemon Colosseum, which is the better way to go when obtaining Suicune. You may not find a Suicune often on WiFi battles, but it can annoy you if used right. It has access to Calm Mind and an interesting move called Tailwind, which boosts the Speed of Pokemon on your team for three turns. While it may not be able to take a lot of hits, Suicune is still a very good Legendary in my opinion. Suicune also has the ability Pressure, like many Legendaries, so one would be wise if facing one in battle that can actually absorb hits. Watch out, it also has Mirror Coat, so if you find yourself facing a Suicune
who just survived a massive Thunder attack, you'd better be prepared. How do you obtain such a fierce Pokemon? Look below.

How to obtain Suicune

G/S/C: Suicune is found at the Burned Tower in G/S, Tin Tower in Crystal, and will flee once found. Track it in your Dex to catch it. It appears at Level 40.

R/S/E: Trade from Pokemon Colosseum or FR/LG

C/XD: In Colosseum, snag from a Cipher Admin Venus. XD, trade from a R/S/E or FR/LG gamepak that has Suicune.

FR/LG: If Charmander was chosen as a starter, Suicune can be found in the wild.

D/P: Import from R/S/E or FR/LG, and found in the Mountain area

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Suicune, being a pure water type, only has two main weaknesses: Electric and Grass. While it has access to Ice Beam, Suicune must cautious, because depending on the nature, it may not be able to survive many hits. Suicune is super-effective against Rock, Ground and Fire types.

A Good Moveset or Two

Calm/Roar Suicune

Calm Mind
Hidden Power (Electric)
Hold Item: Leftovers
Nature: Bold (+Defense, -Attack)
EV's: 252 HP/130 Def/126 Sp. Attack

Self explanitory, I hope. Oo

Special Tank 'Cune

Ice Beam
Calm Mind
Hold Item: Leftovers/Expert Belt
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Attack, -Attack)
EV's: 252 Sp. Attack/130 Sp. Def/126 Speed

Given that you train it right, it can sweep the floors. Surf for usual STAB, Ice Beam for those nuisances, Calm Mind for backup and Sp. Attack boost, and Tailwind for that lack of Speed.


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