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Slurpuff is another one of those one-trick ponies found in the competitive world of Pokemon. It can be run in a different of ways, but only one of its movesets - the one recommended below - is its only truly effective one. Like many gimmick Pokemon, if everything falls just right, Slurpuff can be seriously OverPowered. Watch out for that Belly Drum.

Warrior13's 6th Generation Competitive Suggested Slurpuff Moveset

Item - Sitrus Berry
Nature - Adamant
Ability - Unburden
Effort Values - 252 Atk / 172 Speed / 84 HP
Moveset - Belly Drum / Return / Drain Punch / Play Rough

Summary: Here it is, the only moveset to ever run on Slurpuff. It all begins with Belly Drum, which, with this EV Spread, will instantly quadruple its Attack Stat and double its Speed since Unburden will activate with the eating of the Sitrus Berry. From there, Slurpuff can easily sweep with its great coverage of moves of Return, Drain Punch, and STAB Play Rough. If this thing gets on a roll - like most Belly Drum Users - watch out, cause the battle could quickly be over.

In Game Rating: 8/10
Wi-Fi Battle Rating: 7/10

Posted by: Warrior13

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