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Porygon-Z was the the end result of one of the many earlier released Pokemon to receive a Final Evolution - Weavile, Electrivire, Rhyperior, Togekiss, etc - apart of the Fourth Generation. Porygon-Z is a Pure Normal Type Pokemon, being one of the few Pokemon to have access to Adaptability as one of its abilities. Porygon-Z has incredible Special Attack potential, but has a lackluster speed stat that limits its usefulness. This is the reason for it always being in the lower tiers of the Competitive World.

Warrior13's 6th Generation Competitive Suggested Porygon-Z Moveset

Item - Choice Scarf OR Choice Specs
Ability - Adaptability
Effort Values - 252 SpAtk / 252 Speed / 4 HP
Nature - Modest (Scarf) OR Timid (Specs)
Moveset - Psyshock / Ice Beam / Thunderbolt / Tri Attack

Summary: This is the most common Porygon-Z set in the competitive world of Pokemon. All four attacks for this set give Porygon-Z coverage in almost every area, but it must use a Choice Item in order to be somewhat successful. If you run it with the Choice Scarf to give it additional speed, go with a Modest Nature; should you go with the Choice Specs for more sheer power, definitely stick with a Timid Nature. Both items has there flaws, as Porygon-Z will always be lacking in either speed or power, but they are the best it has to utilize.

TVKL's 6th Generation Personal Suggested Porygon-Z Moveset

Item - Life Orb
Ability - Adaptability
Effort Values - 248 HP / 252 SpDef / 8 SpAtk
Nature - Calm
Moveset - Nasty Plot / Magic Coat / Recover / Tri Attack

Summary: This set, contributed by our very own TVKL, takes a very different approach to Porygon-Z. Instead of going all-out in an offensive moveset spread, this set focuses on being more defensive while boosting its Special Attack Capabilities with Nasty Plot. After one of two Nasty Plots, Tri Attack packs some serious strength because of Adaptability. Recover allows Porygon to regain any lost HP while setting up, while Magic Coat reflects non-damaging moves.

In Game Rating: 8/10
Wi-Fi Battle Rating: 6/10

Posted by: Warrior13

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