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Feature by latiasfinder

Palkia is the signature Legendary for Pearl version. And it should be rightfully so. Palkia carves a huge niche in the uber tier with great offensive stats and a unique typing, shared only with one other Pokemon, Kingdra. Boasting a Water typing, this Spatial Pokemon resists the typical Ice Beam that would normally deal a heavy blow to the Dragon typing of it. Though Dragons can take huge chips off its health, Palkia hits back with its signature move Spatial Rend, which can gain massive power thanks to STAB and the hold item for it, the Lustrous Orb. Found after obtaining Palkia at Spear Pillar, this item boosts the Water and Dragon type moves Palkia knows, which can be hugely devastating. Take Draco Meteor. It has base 150 attack power, and add Palkia's Dragon STAB, and Lustrous Orb, and its very high Special Attack stat can wipe the floors with the toughest of Dragons. Aside from good stats, Palkia is also a deity in Sinnoh myths, described as the Pokemon that had mastery over space. It seems fitting that Palkia would have Spatial Rend as a move. Despite the lack of power against Roar of Time, it can still take a chunk from most Dragons. People should prepare their best Pokemon against Palkia, as it can easily sweep with both Special and Physical moves. And for those who want to obtain this legendary beast, look no further. Seriously, look down.

Where to find Palkia

Pearl - Found at Spear Pillar, level 47, after you defeat Cyrus. Beware of Spatial Rend, it can rip holes in your team.

Diamond - Trade with Pearl or obtain over GTS.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Since Palkia has Water/Dragon typing, Dragon types can still get that 2x damage on Palkia, while Ice types have their effectiveness lowered thanks to the Water typing of Palkia. Palkia can sweep well against: Dragon, Ground, Rock, Normal (if Aura Sphere), Electric (if Earth Power)

A Good Moveset

Special Offense Palkia - One I Use

Aura Sphere
Spatial Rend/Draco Meteor
Ice Beam/Earth Power
Item: Lustrous Orb/Expert Belt
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)
EV's: 252 Special Attack/252 Speed/6 HP

For those who like a Physical Sweeper, you can do what you want with Palkia, that's just a suggestion.


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