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Feature by latiasfinder


The Eon Pokemon

Perhaps one of the more unusual, and very cute, Pokemon of the third Generation of Pokemon. Latias is an Eon twin to Latios. She boasts a unique (shared only with her brother) typing of Dragon and Psychic. While this holds many weaknesses, it is a dual typing to be feared if used correctly. Latias is the more defensive Lati, putting EV's into Special Defense and Special Attack. Latias can be found in all three gemstone games (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) but cannot be obtained in Diamond and Pearl unless through Pal Park. Latias also has a signature move, Mist Ball. It is a Psychic type move that may lower the Special Attack of an opponent. In its various Dex entries, Latias can refract light in such a way to become invisible, and also change her appearance. She is also one of the very few female Legendaries, and can only be female. The youngest Lati can also be equipped with the item Soul Dew, usable only by the Lati twins, that can boost her Special Attack and Special Defense. With a good Special move pool and access to Calm Mind, she can be devastating with Soul Dew and the right training. While you may not see her in battle as often as her brother, when you do, just make sure you got some hard hitters or Special Walls. Her special ability is also Levitate, protecting her from Ground moves. (not sure why they didn't just give her Pressure or summat)

Ways to Obtain Latias

Ruby -> Obtain the item Eon Ticket (via event or by mixing records) and take a boat to Southern Island, where you shall find Latias with Soul Dew.

Sapphire -> Wild in the grasses and oceans of Hoenn after defeating Elite Four. Will run, and can be tracked. Level 40.

Emerald -> Available in the wild if you select the color red after defeating the Elite Four. Same as above, does not come with Soul Dew.

Pearl/Diamond -> Obtained via Pal Park, found in the field.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Given her dual typing, she has a few. Dark, Dragon, Ice, Ghost, and Bug types are all super-effective. However, thanks to an immense Special Defense (if the right nature is obtained) she can take a few hits from Draco Meteor and Dark Pulse and such.

She is super-effective against: Fighting, Poison, Dragon

A Good Moveset or Two

Special Offense Latias

Ice Beam
Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor
Shadow Ball
Item Held: Soul Dew/Wise Glasses
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Attack, - Attack)
EV's: 252 Special Attack/ 252 Sp Defense / 6 HP

You've got STAB and backup against pesky types that can defeat Latias.

Calm Mind Backup

Calm Mind
Psycho Shift
Item Held: Soul Dew/Focus Belt
Nature: Calm (+Sp. Defense, -Attack)
EV's: 252 Defense/ 252 Special Defense/ 6 HP

Calm Mind for that extra boost in Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense, Wish or Recover for Latias if she's hit boosting her stats, Psychic for major STAB after a few Calm Minds, and Psycho Shift to get rid of those nasty status afflictions if she gets any sent her way.

Note: She's also very cute. <3


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