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Feature by v-gamer

Electivire was a great addition to the fourth generation pokemon games, Diamond and Pearl, because Electabuzz was a good pokemon in the past generations, but didn't have as much potential as other Electric pokemon. Electivire, on the other hand, has much more potential than most Electric pokemon. Its ability is Motor Drive, which makes it immune to any Electric attack, and when it is hit with an Electric attack, its speed rises. Also, with its high attack, Electivire makes a great Physical sweeper.

Location: Electivire can't be found anywhere in the wild. It can only be obtained while trading an Electabuzz that is holding an Electirizer.

Strengths: Water, Flying
Weaknesses: Electric, Ground

Electivire @ Expert Belt
Trait: Motor Drive
Nature: Adamant (+ATK, -SP.ATK)
-Ice Punch
-Cross Chop

Electivire's potential is high, and with this moveset, he makes a great addition to any team.
With Electivire's average stats, it's only necessary for him to have an Adamant nature, which icreases attack and decreases special attack.
Thunderpunch gives him STAB. Ice Punch takes out ground pokemon. Earthquake takes out electric pokemon. Cross Chop takes out a wide variety of pokemon, including his weaknesses and non-weaknesses. Overall, his moves can take out 13 of 17 pokemon types!

With Electivire's moveset, his moves are Super Effective against almost all pokemon. With this advantage, Expert Belt is almost a definite, since it increases the power of Super Effective moves.


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