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Let's face it: Blissey has always been a powerhouse in the competitive play of Pokemon. Even back in the Second Generation, nothing, outside of a Fighting Type of course, could bring this thing down. And this is still relatively true about what many call the "Big Pink Blob".

Warrior13's 6th Generation Competitive Suggested Blissey Moveset

Item - Leftovers
Nature - Bold
Ability - Natural Cure
Effort Values - 252 Def / 252 SpDef / 4 HP

Heal Bell / Aromatherapy
Toxic / Thunder Wave
Seismic Toss

Summary: This right here is the standard Blissey set used in almost every tier of competitive play. Soft-Boiled to regain valuable HP, and Heal Bell or Aromatherapy to take care of pesky status conditionings. Blissey can then set up with either Toxic and slowly kill an opponent outside of Steel Types, or Thunder Wave to cripple the Pokemon and switch-out if necessary. Seismic Toss is a must, and is really Blissey's most powerful move if you think about its less than desirable offensive stats.

Countering: Four Words: Physical Fighting Type Moves. Period. It doesn't matter if your Pokemon will receive STAB or not with said move, as anything of this nature will surely do the trick. I've once seen a Blissey at Maximum HP be One-Hit KO'd by an Azumarill who used SuperPower with already having -1 Attack, and it didn't even land a critical hit. That's literally all it takes.

In Game Rating: 8/10
Wi-Fi Battle Rating: 9/10

Posted by: Warrior13

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