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NEW INFO: Our Pokedex has been revised to include all stats for Pokemon in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. We've also corrected some move issues and made an update to the Teams section to allow your teams to be found more easily, plus added a comment feature so people need to give a reason for the ratings the give. We'll be on the lookout for anyone abusing the ratings system and will remove all the votes of people that try to bring down other people's teams.

Welcome to the SuperCheats.com Pokedex. You can get straight into our Pokedex by using the 'Enter Pokemon' box to enter either the name or number (if you enter a number be sure to specify which dex), or the drop down boxes above to find the information on your selected Pokemon. Or scroll down a bit to read up on all the features of our Pokedex.

Adv. Search
Our advanced search page allows you to search for Pokemon using a HUGE amount of options. You can use each individual box (The Basics, Strengths and Weaknesses, Search Moves) to find Pokemon that exactly fit your criteria, or use the super search option at the bottom of the page to use every option on the page that you have made an adjustment to.

Here there are two options. First you can can compare by Pokemon, here you simply select as many Pokemon as you want (we recommend no more than 10) then hit the compare button and you will be presented with a table showing a comparison of all the attributes of your selected Pokemon. The second option is to compare by qualities where you can find Pokemon with similar HP for example or similar species. There are loads of options to try.

Move Finder
Our move finder does exactly what it says... It finds moves based on your selected parameters... So for example you can all moves strong against a particular pokemon by selectin 'strong' from the choose strength drop down box and then entering the Pokemon's name in the box to the right of it then hitting find.

Top Pokemon
Throughout our Pokedex there is an opportunity for our members to rate each Pokemon, and this Top Pokemon page lists the ones which are rated the highest. A Pokemon will need at least 5 in-game votes however to figure on the leaderboard.

My Teams
Here you can re-create your actual Pokemon team (or any team of Pokemon you want) and get it rated by other members of the site. There are options to leave comments as well. New teams are added every day by our members.

Top Trainers
This page lists who has got the current highest rated teams, who has made the most trainer tips in our Pokedex and who has made the most team comments.

Featured Pokemon
If you want more information than what is available in our Pokedex, then try here, where a number of Pokemon have specific short guides just for them. Here you will find more information on where to find them and some recommended movesets as well as other general info.

This is an unofficial resource and is not in any way associated with Nintendo or Game Freak.

Our support thread for this project is here.