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Mega Charizard Y


Unlike every other Pokemon that has been given the privilege of a Mega Evolution, save Mewtwo, Charizard received not one, but two of them. Mega Charizard Y remains a Fire / Flying Type Pokemon, while continuing to specialize in the Special Attack category. It has the ability Drought that further boosts Fire Type Attacks, as well as decent speed that gives it good use in the competitive world.

Warrior13's 6th Generation Competitive Suggested Mega Charizard Y Moveset

Item - Charizardite Y
Nature - Timid OR Modest
Ability - Drought
Effort Values - 252 SpAtk / 252 Speed / 4 SpDef
Moveset - Roost / Fire Blast / Solarbeam / Focus Blast

Summary: Mega Charizard Y, in the competitive way, is basically a one-trick pony, and this is the set you will usually seen it go with. Fire Blast hits hard with both the sun and STAB. Solarbeam and Focus Blast gives it additional coverage, especially to a number of its weaknesses. Roost helps it recovers some HP, especially with the hazardous x4 Stealth Rock. Timid Nature provides more speed, Modest for more power.

TVKL's 6th Generation Personal Suggested Mega Charizard Y Moveset

Item - Charizardite Y
Nature - Adamant
Ability - Drought
Effort Values - 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 SpDef
Moveset - Dragon Dance / Swords Dance / Flare Blitz / Outrage

Summary: Now this set, contributed by our member TVKL, takes an entirely new approach to Mega Charizard Y. Dragon Dance boosts its already decent Attack and Speed Stat; Swords Dance takes it Attack to a whole new level. From there, sheer dominace with Outrage and STAB Flare Blitz.

FreezShock's 6th Generation Doubles Suggested Mega Charizard Y Moveset

Item - Charizardite Y
Nature - Timid
Ability - Drought
Effort Values - 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Speed
Moveset - Protect / Tailwind / Heat Wave / Solarbeam

Summary: This set, contributed by FreezShock, is primarily for Doubles. It takes a more defensive approach to Mega Charizard Y with that Effort Value Spread, and can help out the rest of your team. Protect allows it to survive another turn, while Tailwind boosts the Speed Stat of all the Pokemon on the battlefield. Heat Wave receives STAB and hits both opponents, and can even leave them with a crippling burn. Solarbeam adds coverage.

In Game Rating: 9/10
Wi-Fi Battle Rating: 8/10

Posted by: Warrior13

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