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Mega Beedrill


Mega Beedrill is an awesome Pokemon if, and that's a big if, it can setup. It has incredible Speed and Attack, but it's also extremely frail. One hit can literally kill this thing. It's a risk, but Mega Beedrill is most effective when using Swords Dance after Mega Evolving. Protect and U-turn are also an option, but they make Beedrill far less powerful and effective. It would still be able to sweep to a certain extent, but not anywhere relatively close to a Swords Dance Set.

Warrior13's 6th Generation Competitive Suggested Mega Beedrill Moveset

Item - Beedrillite
Nature - Jolly
Ability - Adaptability
Effort Values - 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 SpD

Swords Dance
Poison Jab
Drill Run / Knock Off

Summary: This right here is the only Mega Beedrill moveset that should be used, maximizing its potential. But with that being said, make sure you enter the battle at a low point, perhaps with a Pokemon that loves to status condition with Toxic. This moveset all starts off with Swords Dance, making Mega Beedrill one of the biggest threats in competitive play. X-Scissors and Poison Jab hit extremely hard becuase of STAB, that is doubled because of Adaptability. From there, Drill Run provides proper coverage to weaknesses, while Knock Off screws with a lot of Pokemon, especially Eviolite users.

Countering: One Earthquake can easily defeat Mega Beedrill, especially if it's not running Protect. Fire Types or Steel Types with High Defenses also get the job done. Priorty Move Pokemon and Burn Inducers can also destroy Mega Beedrill.

In Game Rating: 10/10
Wi-Fi Battle Rating: 9/10

Posted by: Warrior13

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